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Hey! So Glad You're Here

Welcome to The Junior Equestrian, a blog that provides useful tips, tricks, and how to's for junior equestrians across the country. Now let me share a little bit about myself! My name is Alison and I am from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. I first started out doing hunters and equitation at local shows. I then made the switch to mostly jumpers with my first pony, Henry, and that's how I got introduced to eventing. After selling Henry I decided to get an off the track thoroughbred to retrain in eventing. At the time I was 13 and knew very little about the sport and what I was getting into. After 5 years Zydeco and I are currently doing training level eventing in our last junior year. That's enough about me, let's get into what this blog will be! 

There will be daily posts about current events, tips and tricks, how to's, and pretty much anything else involving equestrian. The posts will be kept short enough for you to skim through from anywhere, but long enough to cover the topic. I will have interviews with leading members of the equestrian community as well as offer ambassador opportunities for fellow junior riders! I'm beyond excited to see where this goes and I would love to have you with me along for the ride! 

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