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Meet our amazing ambassadors! TJE is so lucky to have such an amazing team of talented and driven people! 

Lauren Hoyt

“Hi! I'm Lauren and I'm 14 years old. I live in Seattle Washington! I compete mostly in the hunters/equitation. I also love playing select soccer and running when I am not at the barn!”

Emma E.

"My name is Emma Egan. I am a junior event rider based in Ireland. I'm determined to achieve my goals at the highest level of eventing. Horses are my life and I want to share my passion with the world."

Lauren H.

"My name is Lauren Hall, I am an Eventer from Minnesota. My horse is a 7 year old OTTB named Sharky."

Adri C.

"Hi my name is Adri! I’ve been riding for 9 years and we currently show in the hunters & equitations."

Kayley K.

Hi! My name is Kayley Knollman and I’m an upcoming FEI Junior Dressage rider. I enjoy training and competing with my two wonderful horses, Dardo and Lovie, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ava O.

"My name is Ava and I compete around the PNW in the 1.10 jumpers with my mare Secret! I am so excited to be apart of The Junior Equestrians team!"

Maya Sobocienski

"Hey! I’m Maya from Illinois! I have been riding for 7 years now and I have shown in the hunters, jumpers, and the eq! I stuck with the hunters for at least 4 years and rode ponies and green ponies. I recently went to hits Chicago with my new barn and a pony jumper named shoes. We showed in the .95 and .98, my big goal is to show in the 1.10 or at least in the meter jumpers sometime this year or next year! I’m so excited to be an ambassador for the junior equestrian!!"

Zoe McKay

“Hi! My name is zoe. I’ve been riding for ten years and my goal with my new ottb oscar is to do the 1.10 - 1.20 meter jumpers!”

Alysa Larson

“Hi! My name is Alysa Larson and this is my partner Jezzabelle aka Belle. We are training in dressage and jumping. We are completing in hunters. She loves to do extended trot and have a little gallop after our training!”

Lena B.

"My name is Lena Bruno and I am 16 years old. I have competed up to training level eventing with my old pony Keeva. I now have my 7 year old off the track thoroughbred “Monte”. He is the sweetest horse ever and he is very food motivated:)"

Stephanie Fernandez

“I lease my horse mac and I’ve been riding for 5 years! my favorite thing to do with him is to compete in show jumping.”

Cate P.

"Hello, I’m Cate (cpevntr). I have been riding since i was 4 years old and i’m now 14. I compete at novice level eventing with my 8 year ottb. I also own a 20 year old qh mare, who I foxhunt!"

Caden B.

"I’m Caden, a 15 year old area IV eventer! I own Esther, a young event prospect that I am bringing along. I’m from MN!"

Isabella C.

Hi my name is isabella craft and I am 14 years old, I event my two horses walles world(as seen in pic) and marcato! I am happy to be apart of this amazing team!

Amy E.C.

My name is Amy Ennis-Crosbie. I’m an Irish event rider. I have two horses who I both compete and I’m currently aiming for the junior Europeans 2021.

Dru Adams

“Hi everyone! I’m Dru, I’ve been riding for 9 years and have done quite a few different styles. I’m super happy to have joined The Junior Equestrian Team!”

Grace Hughes

“My name is Grace I am 13 years old. I show jump my 12-year-old, 15hh, chestnut, Irish pony.”

Abbey S.

"I’m abbey! I’m 15 years old and I’m a dressage rider! I ride many super cool horses and i’m so excited to be part of this blog :)"

Emma K.

"My name is Emma King and I have ridden for 8 years! We compete in jumpers and any currents horses show name is Nick of Time! (Nick!) I am so excited to be an ambassador for The Junior Equestrian!"

Maddie S.

"Hi! I’m Maddie (@maddie.equitates) I’m from zone 9. I compete mostly in hunters and equitation. I’m so excited to be an ambassador and I can’t wait to learn more from TJE!"

Carly R.

"Hi I’m Carly a 16 year old Eventer and show jumper from Pennsylvania. I compete my 11yo Tb x and I’m super excited to represent The Junior Equestrian."

Maizy H.

"I’m hoping to be competing novice level eventing by the end of next year with a new lease, and be going training level by 15! I’m super exited to see everyone here at TJE!"

Julia C.

"My name is Julia and I’m 16 years old! This is my trainers horse Cobalt and he’s a 15 year old off the track thoroughbred! We compete in hunters :)"

Lilly B.

Hi I’m Lilly I’m a 12 year old eventer. I’m am schooling Beginner Novice with my OTTB named Not Now (Libby). I am so excited to be apart of the junior equestrian team!!!

Are you interested in joining the dream team of TJE ambassadors? If so, fill out the ambassador form and shoot me a DM @TheJuniorEquestrian on instagram once you've completed it! 


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