Owning horses is complicated enough as is, so here are some apps that I personally use and love! These range from tracking your training to barn management to being ready on show day!


Equilab App

This app is an excellent way to track your training and progress. I use it every day to track my rides and my goals. I also highly recommend this app for conditioning days. It is excellent for organizing your goals and how to reach them. You can download the app for free on the app store. To lean more check out


The PonyApp

This app is perfect for managing the behind the scenes of the barn. You will be able to create horse profiles and log all activity. It has a beautiful design and very easy to read and operate. You can upload important documents and pictures your horses. You can download the app at


Course Walk

I never go to a horse trial without this app. I use it when I walk my cross country course and I upload pictures of all the jumps. All you have to do is enter the optimum speed and the optimum time and the app will give you minute markers. I seriously could not do cross country without this app! You can find out more at


FEI Equitests

Having trouble visualizing your dressage tests? This app is for you! This app has all of the recognized dressage tests and has diagram walk thrus. I am personally a visual learner, so having the wonderful graphics helps me so much with planning my ride. It is super easy to quick review your test right before you go in the ring as well! You can find more information at


I hope that you enjoyed today's post! I love these apps and they make my life so much simpler. I tend to be prone to disorganization and these apps help keep me on track! Any suggestions for part 2, let me know!

Best wishes!