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Welcome to part 2 of the series, today’s brand spotlight is BlanketSafe! BlanketSafe is a small business that focuses on creating cleaning products for blankets and saddle pads. Having a business in the equestrian world can be very hard, but this company does an excellent job! In this article I have asked a series of questions to inspire you guys, it’s definitely worth the read!!


About Blanket Safe:  “Blanket Safe was officially released to the public in 2018. Blanket Safe was started about 5-6 years ago, after realizing there are very few products that were available to wash horse blankets (I run a professional horse blanket laundry too), and half of the products available I didn't trust to do the job effectively, or safely. There were products that were so thick, no fragrance, expensive, and they never worked. Or there were products that were very questionable on why, when, or where they originated from. One was designed for washing canvas tents, one was "designed" for blankets but stated to use hot water (HUGE NO NO! It will melt the waterproofing!), had no fragrance, and one again...just questionable. None worked, none got items cleaned, or removed the bad the odor of a wet blanket left in a sealed tote for 3 months. PLUS, huge plus, I have a horse that is VERY sensitive to residues. I can't use clipper coolant sprays, I cant use fly sprays, and blankets...he's broken out in hives too many times to count with these other products.  So after realizing the very huge deficit of sensitive and detergent-free washes, I started doing the research along with the help of a Veterinarian.

Together we designed a detergent-free wash that is specifically for horse and pet laundry. It is 100% made in the USA. Our products are designed to not ruin the waterproofing, deteriorate fabric,and leave no residues (that may irritate the skin of a horse or dog). They 100% comply with the horse blanket care labels. Hence the name "Blanket Safe". Our products are completely safe for horse blankets, and therefore practically any laundry.  (Using blanket safe is like using an ultra delicate wash, you can use it on just about anything, but most importantly the most delicate).We have products that are also perfect for all the wool and sheepskin that is used with horse wear, our Fleece & Wool wash, as well as a fly sheet wash that can be used on fly sheets or anything without waterproofing (so we don't suggest on horse blankets).

We have had a huge response from not only horse owners but also pet owners that said their horse, dog, cat, rabbit has not broken out in hives, or had allergic skin irritations since using Blanket Safe.”

Other than the Products

“Blanket Safe is a women owned business in a very niched market. We understand the challenges, and therefore we LOVE to support other equestrian businesses and equestrians. We understand all aspects! We are out at the barn every day too, training, working, showing, and putting our blood, sweat, and tears into our horses AND our business. We get asked often in our DM's, Do they Pay you? Why do you support other businesses? Do you really use their products? Do you really recommend them? ... NO! They NEVER pay me. I support them because yes I want them to support me too, but it is all because we are a TEAM! When you are going to cross country or into the ring, other riders will always say "Have a great ride!" "Good Luck" "Have Fun"....the pleasure I receive from supporting someone else's dream is 2nd to NONE! I REALLY use their products! I REALLY buy their products with my own money....and I do this from proceeds that are made from my products. And, YES, I really recommend the products that I support. Everything at Blanket Safe always seems to come full circle, and it is one of the benefits of support a small business. It isn't about making millions, it's about making dreams come true (both Big and Small).”

“Trust me, my list of products/brands I do not support is LONG! But I have seen enough companies that have either :been outright rude to me at shows...yes, i have had "Big Brand Name" companies come up and gotten in my face at professional shows. I have witnessed owners of companies talk so down, like gotten really dark and rude to their significant others or employees. I have seen some things that go on behind the scenes. And I wont ever say their brand names, so you may not even know they are on my negative radar, however I will shout from a mountain in the middle of all the world's equestrians of the brands I LOVE. I love these brands not only for the amazing products, but for the equally amazing people they are.”

Challenges faced:

“We faced several problems, first we faced issues that the market was tainted with products that didn't work. Customers and retailers felt that we fell into that same category. Those products were not DESIGNED for horse wear, or horse wear of this generation, that didn't work had really ruined the way.”

“The other problem we faced and continue to face are those that want to continue to wash in laundry detergents. There are several issues with using household laundry detergents. It deteriorates the fabric and will destroy the waterproofing, including making it really hard to reapply/treat. Household laundry detergents are not designed to work to the extent that a horse blanket requires. Clothes typically do not get worn for 6 months straight, with mud, manure, sweat, and most clothes don't get a dirty as a horse blanket, so people end up using more than necessary.**Most blanket care tags also specifically state to "DO NOT use detergents". Finally, most detergents leave residues (Free and Clear detergents, are ALSO DETERGENTS! so don't be fooled). Horses and animals, just like humans can be very sensitive to chemical residues, detergents, and scents. However, people still will use household detergents because they believe they are cheaper...they just do not consider the cost of their horse and pet accessories that they are ruining, or the vet bills for Dex after allergic skin reactions.”

How they overcame those challenges:

“Educate, Educate, Educate. We have tried (with the little knowledge we have) to get onto social media and post. We work constantly to educate, give tips, show before and afters. If equestrians can understand the importance behind it, and the difference it makes, they are amazed!”

What makes our Products Special:

“Other than the fact that our products are specifically designed to wash horse blankets and they completely comply with the specific care labels of horse blankets. They are also designed by people in the field, one a professional horse blanket laundry and the other a veterinarian for animal safety. Both of us are equestrians, ride, love, and own horses.”

What it's like starting a business in the horse world:

“It is challenging. Everyone has their own set ways of doing things, and products that they use. We understand it, we are that way too. But we love when we are able to convert someone to the correct way of doing things. Not just because it is our products, but because it is better, safer and more effective. If this product was available when I was searching deep into the web for a product just like this one...I would be using it too! Preaching it!”

What People Don't Know

“Blanket Safe can be used on practically ANYTHING washable. BOT products, fly sheets, saddle pads, wraps, over-reach boots,.... wash in your own clothes. If you would wash it in household laundry detergents, you can 1000% use Blanket Safe.”

You can find them on social media at:

Insta: @blanketsafe

FB: @BlanketSafe

Twitter: @BlanketSafe


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