Welcome to our very first brand spotlight! Horsie Treats is a company stared by one of the TJE ambassadors! This will work as a question/ answer article on starting a business in the equestrian community. With that being said, let's get this started!

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A little bit about Ardi

"Hello! My name is Adri, I’m a Junior Equestrian and I own the business Horsie Treats. I have been in the treat business for a little over two years now and here’s a little bit about my story and how the business came to be!"

How our story came to be and how our business came to be:

"This business originally started because one day me and my friend were on facetime talking about how some brands make treats but as such a high price point. So we decided to start this business. We went into it with the mindset that we wanted to create high quality treats at a low price point so that everyone can enjoy them. Eventually the business just became me doing it all, but I wanted to keep the same idea. Fast forward two years later and I’m still doing the same thing. This business is one of the greatest things that has happened to me. I’ve met so many incredible people and customers who are so kind. Seeing everyone post photos and getting to see their excitement makes it worth every challenge."

What was it like for you to start a business as a junior rider?

"As a junior rider I did not know going into this how big it would get. In the beginning it was easy because we weren’t well known and I wouldn’t get a lot of orders at once. Then come 2020 my business blew up and this is the most successful year I’ve had. It definitely comes with its challenges but it is so worth it."

What challenges have you had?

"As a Junior Rider I still attend school and I compete at competitions as well. I think some of the most challenging things would be having to find out how to balance everything at once. On weeks were I have competitions coming up it can be quite difficult as I spend everyday at the barn getting my horse ready and myself as well. So at times it can become very overwhelming."

How have you over come those challenges

"I’ve overcome most of these challenges by planning out my schedule during those weeks. As well as dedicating certain days to baking, decorating, and packaging. My mom does help a lot. She packages some orders for me and takes them to the post office for me during the weekdays. Staying organized is a great way to overcome most of these issues!"

Tips to anyone wanting to start a treat business:

"The first thing I have to say to someone wanting to start their own business is to never give up! It may seem so challenging in the beginning and no one orders, but do not give up."

How to get exposure for your account:

- Have an Ambassador Search for your account - Join giveaways with other brands - Make your account is professional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye - Hashtags in the comments of your posts - Creative Ideas no one has seen! - Send out reviews to bigger accounts


I hope you guys were able to find a lot of use in this article, I know I did! There was a lot of awesome information in here so be sure to give this post a like! Be sure to check out Horsie Treats on Instagram and order some wonderful treats today! Do you have a business that you want featured? Let me know and we'll make it work!

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