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Welcome to this week's brand spotlight! For this spotlight, I will be featuring My Charmed Horse, a company that specializes in making equestrian-themed charms and jewelry. This company was started by Sierra Steigerwald, a junior rider who was inspired by the braiders at horse shows. Sierra, the owner of My Charmed Horse as generously answered a few questions about the company as well as provide a discount code for TJE subscribers!


A little background on My Charmed Horse

"My Charmed Horse is a luxury and inspirational equestrian brand specializing in custom charms, jewelry, and several other products.  Our brand believes in making a difference while providing our customers with cute, stylish products for everyday use. The main goal of My Charmed Horse is to ensure that our listings are affordable, fashionable, and easy to use."

How My Charmed Horse was started

"I established My Charmed Horse in the summer of 2016 (as I was entering into my freshman year of high school).  Every horse show my barn attended the braider would use different color yarn in our horse's braids for 'good luck'.  The braider used pink yarn in my horse's braids one horse show and the gears in my mind instantly began to turn. Wouldn't a charm in the braids look super cute?  I went home that night, grabbed a pink breast cancer charm off of my bracelet, and clipped it into my horse's braids the next morning.  The charm sparkled as we went around the show ring and landed us a blue ribbon that day.  I had several people at the horse show interested in the idea, so I decided it was time to start my little business."

Owning an equestrian business

"Owning an equestrian business is a dream come true.  When I was younger I had always wanted to pursue a career in the equestrian industry, whether that was owning a business, having my own farm, etc.  My Charmed Horse has allowed me to connect with fellow equestrian companies and other riders.  The people I have met along the way have been inspiring and have made me even more determined."


"Starting a new business doesn't always come easy.  My main challenge with My Charmed Horse was getting the brand name noticed.  Establishing an Instagram account with 0 followers, in the beginning, can come off as a major let down. I was unsure if anybody would even be interested in purchasing the products.  The first few months were hard, but then things started to turn up."

Overcoming Challenges

"I immediately began following big-name equestrian accounts on Instagram, thinking that this may expose My Charmed Horse's name.  From there I had started to gain followers, which was then followed by loads of potential new customers.  The direct message tab on Instagram was filled with messages regarding brand ambassadorship offerings, where the products can be purchased, and more!"

Advice for Junior Riders

"My advice to junior riders everywhere would be to never let someone tell you that you can't do something.  Now that my junior career is coming to a close, I have experienced negativity around every corner.  Not only negativity with My Charmed Horse but also people telling me that my horse and I weren't good enough to compete on the 'A/AA' level.  Owning a thoroughbred has come with endless doubt from jealous people.  My horse Ace and I have competed all over the United States.  Our greatest accomplishment was finishing 13th overall at the East Coast Junior Hunter Finals in Devon, PA last year.  Continue to believe in yourself and you will be able to accomplish anything!"

Share photos of your purchases with us on Instagram and Facebook (@mycharmedhorse).



Want a discount at My Charmed Horse?

All you have to do is subscribe to The Junior Equestrian to be on the email list and we will email you the code and instructions! The discount code will be sent out in the afternoon of June 29!

I really hope you were able to find some inspiration in today's post! One of the best things about My Charmed Horse is that it was started by a fellow junior rider who followed her passion. Not only is Sierra successful in the show ring, but she is also a great leader in the equestrian community. If you have read this far, go ahead and DM me @TheJuniorEquestrian on Instagram and tell me your favorite part about this article for a shoutout!

Best wishes!


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