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Welcome to this week's brand spotlight: Pull Your Pony! This company was started by a young rider with a vision to improve the lead ropes we use. The lead ropes are innovative as well as stylish! Hannah Smyth-Liu, founder of Pull Your Pony makes all of the lead ropes by hand and makes them affordable! Be sure to read to the end for a discount for when you buy your next lead rope, they also do custom orders!


About Pull Your Pony

"At Pull Your Pony I make every single lead rope by hand. I put so much care into each item and focus on selling products I would want to buy myself. I love our cotton leads because they don’t give rope burn, and are double tied to help prevent fraying." - Hannah Smyth-Liu, founder of Pull Your Pony

Getting Started

"In 2016 I dyed myself a lead rope which turned out beautiful! I knew other equestrians would love them as well, and after some planning Pull Your Pony was created. Around that time, however, I was going into high school and found it overwhelming owning a business on top of everything else going on. I made the hard decision to close Pull Your Pony, and focus on other aspects of my life. As time went on I started to really miss having my own business, being a cashier just wasn’t as fun! Once the Coronavirus hit I got laid off from my job and had a lot more time, so I knew it would be the perfect time to reopen."

Having an Equestrian Business

"Owning Pull Your Pony is amazing! There is such a great sense of community with other equestrians and equestrian businesses which I love. I also have gotten so much experience in business and learned so much!"


"I was only 12 years old when I started Pull Your Pony, which presented a lot of challenges. Starting a business always requires some sort of monetary investment upfront. Being so young, however, I just didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on inventory, marketing, or even things like buying a website. To this day, I still try to save money wherever I can."

Advice for Juniors

“My biggest piece of advice I can give to juniors is to do what really makes you happy. I have been showing for years because it was always “the thing to do”. I had always felt a lot of pressure and nerves surrounding showing but I enjoyed spending time with my horses and friends. This year, with most shows being canceled, I realized how much more I enjoy riding without all the pressure. I can still go be a groom for my friends, but I’m not spending thousands of dollars on something that just stresses me out. Overall do things because you enjoy them, not because it’s the expectation.”

Want a discount at Pull Your Pony?

**Be sure to subscribe to TJE (you dan do this on the home page or contact page) and a discount code will be emailed to you on Sunday, August 9, 2020!**

You can find more about Pull Your Pony on their website and Instagram!

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