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Have you ever wondered if you alone could run your own equestrian business? Do you want to know how you can do it and what to expect? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place! The Preppi Pony Co. is an equestrian apparel business started by a fellow equestrian! The company was started in 2018 specializing in creative equestrian designs on t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. What makes The Preppi Pony so special is that it is not a store focused solely on profit. It is truly a small business focused on serving the equestrian community with creative designs. Luckily for you, Lindsey, owner of The Preppi Pony, has shared some value-packed information that will be inspiring and motivational for any junior rider wanting to dive deeper into the sport. This is an incredible company and I can't wait for you to read through this article!


How did The Preppi Pony Company get Started?

"I am a dreamer. Since I was a child, I always loved drawing horses. I would draw them on paper, my wooden stool in paint and markers, on chalkboards in class, and in yearbooks. I was horse obsessed yet born into a family who couldn’t financially afford to keep one. So when I went to college, I got a full scholarship and in exchange, my parents paid my rent. I was able to afford horse lessons on my own by getting a job. I graduated and kept up with my lessons and bought my own horse. Never went back to not owning one. They are a pleasure to have in my life and frankly, I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t ride or see my horse."

I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and minored in Oil Painting and Photography. I went away to a different state to learn how to grow up and have a job on my own. 5yrs later I was asked if I wanted the family business of three print shops. I accepted, moved back, and have been here since November 2019. It’s been a huge overhaul of learning experiences good and bad and I am still in the beginning stages but I would not change it for the world.

"The Preppi Pony Co. came about in 2018. I loved illustrating horse designs so much that I figured why can I not create my own small boutique shop for equestrians? So I did a ton of research, found third-party vendors to make the shirts with glitter vinyl that I could not create myself, and then it became real. I know that my wait times are way longer than most main equestrian shops like equestrian prep or smart Pak but my vision is different than theirs. Mine is a hobby, their’s is a career. They are able to afford large shirt presses and the tools needed to get the job done in bulk supplies. My small shop does not. I am a one-man team except for my third party vendors. Other shops are more than one-man teams. But I embrace how small I am yet how mighty I seem on the internet. I embrace that I create one of a kind designs and that people can personalize their tees with monograms or by creating the design to look just like them and their horse. I love that I can offer this to them. It’s a pleasure to serve people and feel like I made a dream come true to some extent."

What are some challenges you have faced?

"Wow, where to begin? I struggle financially competing with similar branded companies. In order to have my products be the same price as theirs or close to theirs, I do not make a large profit. If I raise my prices then I am considered too expensive even though I might be in the same price ballpark as vineyard vine tees or southern proper. If my third party vendor messes up a design and still ships it to me, I do not get it until my Lead time is almost up for me to have to ship to my client. So I then have to call and get it fixed. Then I am also the one who eats the cost of paying for shipping twice from the vendor to me and trying to please a customer who is not at fault. I have a huge heart so I end up giving extra goodies in the package for my vendor's mistake. They of course comp the shirt off but I am still paying for the issue in some way whether it’s financially or ratings from the disgruntled client. I end up spending more than the profit I made off the client. My goal in this case is usually to eat the cost and make my client as happy as I can. But since I am a small shop and it’s a hobby, eating the cost comes out of my own personal pocket."

"Giveaways are extreme these days. Many you can weed out to be children trying to play the game for adults. Many do not like discount codes. They want something of value. That gets old fast. I am sure I am considered the old chap in that category now because I do not give away products anymore and only codes for the reason that again it comes out of my own pocket. You get into debt if you are not smart with your game. Also many do not mention it being international winners. So the shipping for me is the same as a normal person going to ship something internationally. It’s not cheap. I cannot do that."

What is it like owning an Equestrian Business.

"It’s really fun. Yes there are many challenges but this makes me happy to make others happy. It makes me happy to see others loving and buying designs that I made. Watching them go around the world. I got clients in Australia! How cool is it to say that my designs made it to AUSTRALIA!!! It’s neat to feel accomplished in something so small yet so mighty."

Any advice you would give to Junior riders?

"Always be yourself. Do not beat yourself up for not having the nicest equipment or being the best rider. You are learning. Even when you feel on top of your game, you are still learning. Keep being humble and never feel like you know everything. You have already lost if you believe you know everything. You will get knocked down and it will hurt. Don’t let other’s mentally degrade you. You are important you are special. Listen to your horse. They are your partner not the rider you are competing against. Your horse will be there for you while others may not. Don’t let the game be more important than the bond between you and your horse. ♥️♥️ Always be kind to others. Try hard not to spread rumors of others. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you must be strong and kind to win the game."


Some of their signature products include:


Where can you find The Preppi Pony Co?

Etsy at

Facebook at

Instagram at


I seriously hope you guys found some value in today's brand feature. This company has such a solid foundation and it is our job to make sure we support small businesses in the community! Companies like The Preppi Pony are not here to make a huge profit, they thrive because they have a vision to give quality products to riders around the world.

Best wishes


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