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Welcome to part 3 of the Brand Spotlights! Today I have some interview questions for Kaelyn, owner, and founder of TKEQ. TKEQ is an equestrian apparel store that was started in 2016 that is based in Calgary, Canada. The company has seen rapid success with its hand-crafted clothing and will continue to grow for years to come. One of the many great things about TKEQ is that is was started by a fellow junior rider with a vision! With that being said, read below for some awesome content!


About TKEQ

"Founded in 2016, TKEQ the shop is an Equestrian Lifestyle brand. TKEQ is known for its best-selling activewear and graphic pullovers. Confident sayings reflect our mindset towards lifestyle, athletics, and supporting each other." Kaelyn, founder of TKEQ

About Kaelyn

"I’m Kaelyn Kennedy, the Creative Director of TKEQ. I founded TKEQ in Calgary, Canada during 2016 at age sixteen! At the time, I was competing in the Hunter and Equitation rings."

How TKEQ was started

"I started TKEQ as a way to decide my post-secondary direction! At the time, I was in my last year of high school as well as competing full-time. Finding a way to acquire non-equine work experience and finalizing my post-secondary direction whilst continuing my commitments was truly the goal at the beginning! TKEQ took off almost immediately and now, three years later, I am so grateful to have it as my full-time career."

Having a business in the equestrian world

"Working in the Equestrian World is wonderful. Having a business - in any shape or form - is definitely a large commitment and comes with constant learning curves. The ability to solidify your work-life-balance is crucial! Currently, I am completing my Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as taking on the responsibilities of Creative Directing TKEQ. I am very lucky to have the support of Team TKEQ behind me!"


"The most unique challenge I have faced with TKEQ has been the recent effects of COVID-19. Many of our retail partners have been affected - especially those who heavily rely on their mobile locations!"

Overcoming Challenges

"We have been able to focus our efforts on supporting these partners through social media as well as being flexible with our product delivery. I am very grateful TKEQ has not experienced any major disruptions with our manufactures. We are successfully and optimistically moving onto the next phase with horse shows reopening around the USA and Canada in the near future."

Advice for Junior Riders

"Start with your goal and work backward. I use this in every aspect of my life – personal, business, athletics – to create a clear path."

You can find more about TKEQ:


Instagram: @TKEQtheshop and @TKEQathletics


I hope you guys were able to learn something new in today's article! I love doing these brand features and learning more about the ins and outs of these equestrian businesses! Do you have or know of a business that you want to be featured? Send me a DM at @TheJuniorEquestrian on Instagram!

Best wishes!


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