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Checklist for the ULTIMATE show backpack: Summer Edition

WRITTEN BY: Madison Durchslag

Hi readers, my name is Madison Durchslag, and I'm so excited to write for The Junior Equestrian. To preface this article, I would like to say that I compete in Show Jumping, more specifically Hunters and Equitation. Still, I do have experience in Jumpers, so for "the ULTIMATE show backpack" you may need other things I don't mention, or not need some of the things I do suggest. This list is less focused on specific riding gear and more focused on the things you may be more prone to forget; If you are looking for a more horse and gear-related list, there is already an article with a checklist for that, so you can find it under "The Blog" tab on the main page, then under "For the Rider." Some items are repeats so that just shows how necessary they are.


1) Extra Hair Ties

2) Small hairbrush (With Helmet Hair, the struggle is real).

3) Sunglasses.

4) Spare show clothes (This doesn't need to be in your actual backpack/bag, but you should have them in your tack trunk or somewhere easily accessible at a show).

5) A light jacket/hoodie (early mornings and late nights can be chilly).

6) Boot polish/Cleaner.

7) Waterproof/Sweatproof Sunscreen (Sunscreen is a must. It can be annoying, but many skin related ailments are related to sun damage, so stay safe).

8) Bug Spray (those horse show flies are NASTY).

9) Hand sanitizer.

10) Any Medication You may need throughout the day.

11) (full) water bottle. (Hydrate or Diedrate)

12) Cell Phone (if you have one).

13) Portable Phone Charger. (This is one of my MUST-HAVES. A show day is really long, and it can be hard to find a place to charge your phone). Link bellow

14) A charging cord (for the Portable Charger).

15) Portable Fan (This is very extra, but I can't show in the summer without one). Link bellow.

16) A rag towel (For either a sweat towel for yourself or to wipe horses mouths).

17) Money (For food, emergencies, etc.).

18) Snacks (food=happiness).

19) Anything you may want to keep yourself occupied when you're not showing (books, playing cards, a sketchbook, etc.).

20) Riding gear you need. (a stick, hairnet, gloves, etc.)


Checklist for the ULTIMATE show backpack
Download • 50KB

You probably don't need some of the things I listed, but I think that some of the items listed make a show day a lot easier. I have a hard time remembering all the little things, so I will definitely be using my own list.


My Favorite Portable Phone Charger ($18.99)

My Favorite Portable Fan ($8.29):

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