In this special mother's day post, I will take some time to thank all of the amazing horse moms out there. This sport takes so much time and money, and we could not do it without our wonderful moms. They are willing to sacrifice so much for us to make our dreams a reality. For that, horse moms deserve the world!


You support us

No matter what happens, our moms are by our sides. They may not be the most "horse-savy" people, but they try their best. When we rock it at a horse show, they are the first ones to tell us how great we did. Even when we don't rock it in the ring, they never fail to tell us how great we looked doing it. We could not accomplish all that we do without the support of our moms.


You encourage us

I have never met a mom who does not stand behind their kids 110%. When we don't do as well as we hoped, they are the first ones to make us get back on our feet and try again. Our moms want nothing more than for us to succeed, and they will do so much to help us get there. We could've missed every distance at a show, and they would be the first one to tell us how wonderful we did. Our moms deserve the world for bringing out the best in us.


You inspire us

Our moms are strong, beautiful, and brave. They have so many years of life experience to share with us and so much to teach us. Every mom is successful in her own ways, and we are so blessed to learn from the best. They teach us so much about live and are such great role models for us.


Mom, thank you.

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