Do you love animals and have good communication skills? Then look into this job! Equine Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives do a series of tasks that market and sell veterinary pharmaceuticals to vet clinics. Equine Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives usually work for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and are supervised by a sales manager.


Duties and Responsibilities

-Market new veterinary pharmaceuticals (drugs and equipment)

-Identify new potential customers

-Prepare sales contracts

-Follow up with clients after sale

-Answer questions for clients

Training and Certification

The most desired majors for entry level jobs are marketing, business, biology, chemistry, animal sciences. Having a masters degree will make you a more competitive candidate when looking for a job. Having experience in a vet office and public speaking is highly beneficial for this career.

Required Skills

Organization: There is a lot of scheduling and information that needs to kept at easy access.

Competitive research: you need to be able to stay up on the latest info about the industry and its changes.

Customer service: Most of this job is working directly with clients, so customer service is key.


There are inside sales representatives and field sales representatives.

Inside sales representatives: Normal office hours, does sales and marketing via phone.

Field sales representatives: in-person sales and marketing, this can involve a lot of traveling.


Upper 10%: $156,630

Median: 79,680/ year

Lower 10%: $39,960

Job growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry is expected to grow 5% from 2016 to 2026. More and more people are getting pets, so this job will almost always be in demand.


This career is great if you love animals, but want to have a job involving them where you can work regular hours and a decent salary.