Stuck inside during the pandemic? Brush up on your skills or learn something new with these books! I have a little horsey library that I keep in my room for when I'm feeling uninspired about something or want to learn something new. Sure you can find all of this information online, but there's noting like sitting down with a good book!

Here are my top 5 books for avid equestrians + a bonus book at the end!


#1: Modern Gymnastics by Jim Wofford

This book has excellent exercises for any horse from the seasoned packer to the newbie fresh off the track! I have done a lot of these exercises with my off the track thoroughbred and it has improved his performance so much! There are gymnastics for every level and exercises ranging from just poles to complex combinations. The book starts from most basic and builds throughout the book. There are excellent diagrams, pictures, and explications that go along with each exercise!


#2: Grooming Horses by Jessie Shiers

I am not going to lie, I found this book in my collection a while ago and before even opening it up I assumed it was a basic kids book. I decided to flip through it a little and little did I know there is tons of useful information in there. Many of the topics that I will be covering in this blog are in there and it is worth the read for any equestrian at any level. The book dives much deeper than basic grooming and covers almost every topic I can think of for horse care.


#3: 40 Fundamentals of English Riding by Hollie H. McNeil

This is such a great book if you are interested in improving you equitation! No matter what discipline you do, this book covers just about everything. The book starts with equitation and builds on from there all the way up to lateral work. This book is guaranteed to bring your flatwork to the next level!


#4: The Right Track by Sarah Venamore

I picked up this book on a clearance rack at a tack shop in Grand Rapids this winter. This book covers arena exercises that range in difficulty and objective. There are wonderful diagrams and explanations with each exercise provided. I have done some of these with my horse recently and they helped a lot with his balance and suppleness. These exercises can be added into your everyday flatwork routine and are definitely worth taking a look at.


#5: Understanding Equine Lameness by Les Sellnown

Unfortunately, lameness is a reality for equestrians at some point in time. Lameness can be a complex issue that can be very hard to understand depending on the problem. This book simplifies many common problems as well as very informational diagrams to help explain. This book covers everything to leg conformation to preventing lameness to treating navicular diseases. My horse was on and off lame for a few months and this book really helped me understand what was really going on with him.


Bonus book for my eventers: Training the Three-Day Event Horse and Rider by James C. Wofford

I have an off the track thoroughbred that I've brought up to training level eventing and I could not have done it without this book! It goes in chronological order starting with history of the sport then goes into detail about each phase and what is crucial for the horse and rider to master. This has really helped me narrow down what I need to work on and get back to the basics. This book is a must-have for any eventer!