Have you ever tried to reorganize your trailer, but there simply isn't enough space for everything in there? Horses come with a lot of gear, and the list of things you need in your trailer just keeps growing with time. In today's post, I will be sharing some things that I personally use in my trailer to keep all of my things neat and organized without breaking the bank.


One of the biggest things for me when it comes to organization is keeping things in boxes and Tupperware. My trailer is a gooseneck so I have boxes of supplies on the bottom and the annex.

One of my favorite storage containers in my trailer it this Husky toolbox. I got it at Home Depot and it works perfectly in the trailer. There are several levels to the box. On the lowest level, I have plastic bags to put feed in, on the second level I put all of my small tack room supplies (bridle racks, hooks), on the 3rd level I have my clippers and stud kit. At the very top, I have miscellaneous supplies such as stud chains, clips, and scissors.

Along with my little toolbox, I have 2 smaller tack trunks in the bottom area of the tack room. One is for hay bags, stall guards, and hoses and the other one is for first aid and other medicines for the horses.

When we travel I always have a health certificate (when we go out of state) and a Coggins for my horse. I also keep a copy of all of our memberships (USEF, USEA, USDF, USHJA) and membership numbers in the trailer as well as a laminated stall sign with my contact information to put on our stall at a show. To store all of the paperwork, we have installed a little slot right by the door. This took very little time and money to put up!

Just on the other side of the doorway we made an area to keep all sorts of sticks and crops. I always have an extra longe whip, dressage whip, and jumping crops in the trailer when we travel. This is also where we keep our measuring stick to measure jumps.

We also always keep a trashcan, stool, and small mounting block in the bottom part of the trailer.

The annex part of the trailer is mostly used storage in different Tubberwares. I have one box for blankets and boots, one for spare supplies, one for rain gear and plastic bags, one for first aid, and one for eating utensils. I keep these boxes stacked and lined along the outer edge of the annex. We also always carry 3 folding chairs, a show grooming bad, and a bit bag.

Need a place to hang things? My parents figured out a way to add hangers to the top part of the wall of the trailer, and it looks like this:


I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! If you want to see more and how we made all of those customizations, let me know! I would love to do a few tutorials on how to do that if you are interested! Just DM me @TheJuniorEquestrian on Instagram what you want to learn how to make and I will get started on a post on it AND give your account a 24-hour story shoutout!

Best wishes